Novo + Stripe

We’re making payouts from your Stripe account more transparent than ever. By connecting your Novo account, you’ll have a window into online payments for your ecommerce, subscription, B2C, or B2B business right from your banking dashboard – for the first time ever. Novo is the first business checking account to join Stripe’s Partner Program.

Stay up-to-date with your online payments

  • Seamlessly connect

    Connect your Stripe account or sign up directly from the Novo app

  • Increase transparency

    See your available Stripe balance, funds on the way from Stripe to your Stripe-connected bank account, and funds that will be available for transfer soon

  • Centralize your business finances

    Understand your cash position better than ever without leaving your business bank account

  • Save up to $500

    Connect your Stripe account to Novo and sign up for our Stripe Perk to get $20,000 in fee-free card processing

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Why use Stripe with Novo

  • Accept payments for your online business with Stripe
  • Provides everything you need to create a holistic ecommerce experience
  • Connect to thousands of platforms like Shopify, Xero, and DocuSign that help facilitate your payments
  • Easily set up subscriptions and manage discounts, cancellations, and changes

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